About Tossed and Found

Tossed and Found explores the misplaced items of Canadians, revealing the striking bonds and stark differences between us. We tell the story that lives in every lost item.

Tossed and Found aims to discover the stories of Canadians through lost photos, grocery lists, love letter, cards, and any other item that has a personal touch.

We’ve all found things on the ground that makes us wonder how it got dropped or discarded. Some people have items that have stirred their curiosity since they were children. On Tossed and Found, we wonder together about those items, and about the people they belonged to.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 10.12.30 PM

We ask that you, the finder, share your items with us. New or old discoveries.

You can share these items by tagging them on Instagram with the hashtag #tossedandfound.

We’d like you to caption your Instagram photo with some key points about the item you found.

Tell us where you found the item, when it was found, and what made it stand out. Why was this item striking enough for you to pick up and take home? What story did this item tell you?



  1. martng

    This is a great idea! I run a blog out of Montreal called “Things I find in the garbage” (www.garbagefinds.com) which operates on a similar theme. The difference is that these things are lost accidentally or thrown away on purpose (or out of indifference), while the things I find are all “lost” with intent.

    Pretty interesting to see the random items. If I come across any I’ll definitely contribute.

  2. John McKay

    I found a white stickie on my office computer.
    It was printed in red at top: Barrere de Quebec
    and a six (?) figure number followed in writing.
    I would like to know what it is about?

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